We had a tremendously busy month in March, and I do not believe that the calendar in April is going to let up either.  One of my ongoing prayers is that spring’s warm weather finally arrives, and we may see some of that this week, which is a blessing. 

            This month we are going to take a look at the resurrection.  There are some people that willingly deny that the resurrection ever took place, and unfortunately some of these people are called Christians.  One cannot fail to understand the importance of the resurrection to our faith in Jesus Christ.  The resurrection is essential for the gospel, and the resurrection is essential for our faith.  We must understand the resurrection doctrine.  We put our hope in Christ’s resurrection which in turn will lead to our own resurrection.

            We will wrap up our study in Genesis 1-11, and I believe that we will start the next book in the Genesis series.  We have had about 25-30 people attending on a regular basis every Wednesday night.  We will not finish this study until the fall, but we will start it.  This study will take us up to the mission’s trip.  Our mission’s trip will be the week of June 16, and we will end our Wednesday night study that evening.  It will resume again in August.

            I am looking forward to Love Feast.  I am hoping everyone that is saved and has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will attend.  This spring love feast will be slightly different, but I believe that it will be different in a good way.  Please come and experience a time of renewal and fellowship.

            Revival starts this week.  I spoke to Kent Rice, and he has been blessed with a message out of John 14-17.  He will be discussing the theme of unity.  There is special music every night that starts at 6:45, and he has some praise band members coming along with him.  It will be a great time of fellowship and ministry.

            If you did not make it to Fantastic Friday, you missed quite an evening of worship through music and comedy.  I did not see any individual grumble about being here, and from all the laughter, I cannot imagine anyone having a bad time.  The estimate for attendance was about 210-220 people.  We did not fill up the sanctuary, but we had a reasonably full house.  During prayer, Scott did ask for any that would like to know Christ, and there were some that raised their hands.  We are to plant the seed.  God’s Word will bring forth the growth.  Thanks to all of those involved in helping the seed get planted and spread.

            As we consider the resurrection, consider what Paul addressed to the Romans.  “Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with Him, because we know that Christ, having been raised from the dead, will not die again. Death no longer rules over Him,” (Romans 6:8-9).  The resurrection is not folklore or some tall tale that we share at bed time.  The resurrection is essential to the Christian faith.  If we do not have the resurrection, we worship a dead guy that suffered a criminal’s death.  How sad would that be?

In Christ, 

Pastor Leon Davis