PASTOR'S PEN...            

                July has been a blur.  July began with Annual Conference, and it will end with the youth group returning from National Youth Conference.  Annual Conference in Cincinnati was a good experience.  I enjoyed the experience because I got to see quite a few friends from around the denomination.  The worship services were good, and the music was wonderful.  When you have so many people together in one place that like to sing hymns, there will be a joyful noise made to the Lord.  You really cannot help it.

            I never sat through a business session at Annual Conference before.  When I watched the sessions on line from home, I used the fast-forward feature quite a bit.  I really missed the fast-forward option on my computer.  Some of the business sessions were very painful to endure.  I did not know what to expect so that was part of the problem.  But I did survive the whole ordeal, and there was some good discussion regarding a compelling vision.  There are several district wide discussions about compelling vision.  I am hoping that some of you will attend those that are coming up in our area.  Please see the dates that are included in this newsletter.

            In August, we will begin our Bible study, Horizontal Jesus.  This is a DVD series with Dr. Tony Evans as the instructor.  If you are not familiar with Dr. Evans, he is a pastor in Dallas, and he has an active ministry called the “Urban Initiative.”  Horizontal Jesus explores quite a few of those “one another” statements in the Bible.  For example, we will cover “loving one another, encouraging one another, serving one another, and connecting with one another.”  Those are only a couple that I will mention here.  Wednesday night study will start back on August 15th.

            August 5th I will be starting a six-week study on marriage.  The format will address the husband and then on August 12th, the message will address the wife.  The messages will rotate like that for six weeks.  Hopefully there will be something in each message that is able to strengthen your relationship with your spouse or your future spouse.

            The men’s study will be looking at Proverbs 10 this week.  The passage from that chapter that stood out to me was verse 19.  It reads, “When there are many words, sin is unavoidable, but the one who controls his lips is wise.”  How often have you stuck your foot in your mouth?  When I was at conference, I did not say very much during our round table discussions.  Not knowing any of the people very well, I was guarded with what I was willing to share.  God gave me a sense of reassurance when I studied that verse.  Usually, I am one that cannot control his mouth, but at conference, I was very cautious with what I shared.  It is good for anyone of us to learn how to control one’s lips.


In Christ,

Leon Davis