PASTOR'S PEN...            

                  June has been crazy busy.  Have you ever had a month like that?  Sometimes you are glad when that period ends, and you can move onto a schedule that is a little less hectic.  I always feel like the next week’s schedule will find a way to calm down, and typically I am wrong when I believe that.  Summer is rolling along, and before we realize it, we will be back in September again starting the fall routine all over again.

            We watched an entertaining movie on June 1 under the pavilion.  Dave brought his ice cream machine and we had popcorn that evening.  Thanks to everyone that assisted with movie night making it a success.  Unfortunately, there were not many in attendance.  We hope to see more attend the next movie night.

            Vacation Bible School was eventful.  I believe that the average attendance was set at right around 20 children.  I thought that they all had a good time with all the different activities and all the volunteers had a good week as well.  Thanks to everyone that was involved with the work.  I had a good time helping Dave with the Bible stories, and our skits were well received.  Our skits were not too bad even with all our last-minute preparations.

            I started taking a seminary class through Rawlings School of Divinity.  This seminary is on Liberty University’s campus in Lynchburg Virginia, and all the classes that I will be taking will be online.  I am currently working through an 8-week research paper writing class.  Our professor referred to the class as “paper writing boot camp.”  I have written quite a few different papers over the last 5 weeks, and I have a lot more papers to go.  Prayers are appreciated as I work through these classes.

            In another week, Angie and I will be heading for Annual Conference.  I only ever attended conference as a non-delegate, and I only spent a half day because it was required for my ministry ordination.  In some ways I look forward to the experience, but I dread having to sit through business sessions.  I am not necessarily a fan of business meetings large or small.  This week, I have reflected on my passage that I will be preaching on.  I have been studying Matthew 5:9 quite a bit lately.  Matthew 5:9 says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”  I put that verse in the context of our own denomination and how it has been struggling with human sexuality.  Part of my dread at Annual Conference is a fear that the topic will be stirred up again.  And as a denomination, we will again attempt to struggle for peace and unity.  But how often are we going to strive for peace and forsake the purity of God’s doctrine?  A comment from one my commentaries reads, “The visible unity of the church is a proper Christian quest, but only if unity is not sought at the expense of doctrine. Jesus prayed for the oneness of his people. He also prayed that they might be kept from evil and in truth. We have no mandate from Christ to seek unity without purity, purity of both doctrine and conduct.”  Please pray for our Annual Conference.

In Christ, 

Leon Davis