PASTOR'S PEN...            

             As you should know by now, for the most part, everything has been moved into our new (to us) Shippensburg home.  We have some miscellaneous items that need to be removed from our garage in Thompsontown, but everything else is out of the house.  Moving is an ordeal that I do not want to do on any type of a regular basis, and I am pretty sure that my wife is in full agreement with me.  We have received some good news this week.  Our old house is under contract so hopefully all of that goes smoothly.

             I am getting around to seeing a lot of the church members as quickly as possible.  If I have not gotten to see you yet, I do apologize.  So far, everyone that I visited with has opened their doors in a welcoming manner.  No one has thrown any rotten vegetables my way.  If you would like to, please let me a time or day that best suits you, and I will attempt to visit with you on a day and time of your choosing. 

            I will continue to preach through the book of Romans for the month of July.  I mentioned in my first message out of Romans about this year being the 500th anniversary to the start of the reformation.  We are in the process of studying two of the greatest doctrines that came out of the reformation period.  On Wednesday evenings we have been studying “sola Scriptura”.  This means that Scripture alone is the sole source of revelation for the church.  The other doctrine is “sola Fide” which means by faith alone, or it is also known as justification by faith alone.  Both of these doctrines are instrumental for the church.

             I would encourage you to do some digging into the passages that support both of these doctrines. 
2 Timothy 3:16-17 supports “sola Scriptura”, and Romans 3:21-26 supports “sola Fide”.  My prayer for everyone is to lay hold of these tenets.  We are to be anchored in Scripture.

Thanks and God bless,