*DUE TO THE COVID-19 outbreak, please see the following information:  

Here are some updates on cancellations for the church (Please check back for updated information on Drive In Style Worship Services)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT ACTIVITIES (including 2nd Weds. evening meals) - cancelled until further notice 



*Please continue to call the office and leave messages as the Secretary will be working from home until further notice or send her an email at ridgesecretary@embarqmail.com* Thank you all for your continued cooperation during this time.  Please pray for hope, strength and love for all during this challenging time.      


We had a busy February.  The Souper Bowl of Caring raised over 8,000 items of food so I would like to thank everyone that participated.  King’s Kettle was very appreciative for the outreach, and they are hoping that we invite more churches next year.  Next year the awards have been restructured.  For you to see me in the can, you have to donate more so that the pastor is canned.  The winner will be the one that is canned.  Keep that in mind for next winter.  It is all for a wonderful cause so I would love to be canned.

          Genesis is complete, and we will soon be digging into Revelation with Brother Earl and Dave Finkenbinder teaching.  This series will run us to the end of May so if you would like to participate, please come the first Wednesday evening in March.  It sounds like they are preparing to do some deep digging into Revelation so if you are interested about the end times, please plan on attending the class.

          We are still playing volleyball into March.  We are going to play the first two Fridays in March, and then the volleyball activity will conclude.  We had a wonderful winter playing volleyball, and there were at least three churches represented for volleyball.  Ship COB, Ship Nazarene and Ridge COB all had a time of fellowship together.  We even had some college kids come and play with us which was a great surprise.

          I would like to thank everyone for supporting Madi for her missions trip this summer.  Even if you did not support her financially, I am sure that she would appreciate and be thankful for your prayer support.  She is traveling to England at the end of July to share the Gospel so pray for receptive hearts and for her safety while in England.

          We have wrapped up our study of Bible verses taken out of context.  I learned a lot digging through Scripture and seeing the potential pitfalls that are created when passages are removed from their inspired and inerrant context.  We will move into Romans for the month of March, and I will be picking back up at Romans 12:3.  This is where we left off last summer.  Paul has started to address the function of the church in this section of Scripture and how we are not to look down upon one another.  He is addressing one of the items that can affect the unity of the body which is pride.  Romans 12:3 reads, “For by the grace given to me, I tell everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he should think. Instead, think sensibly, as God has distributed a measure of faith to each one.”  There are a couple of truths in this verse worth considering.  The obvious one is that we should not look down on our brothers and sisters in Christ.  They may not be a teacher or someone in leadership.  It is possible that they are a server or an encourager, one that works behind the scenes.  They are as equally important as the teacher or preacher.  Another truth worth considering is the source of said gift or talent.  Each good and perfect gift comes from the Father so he is the source of each grace endowed gift.  Then lastly, each individual is endowed with some gift because God has extended His grace to everyone that is in His body.  To be part of the body means that you have a function in said body.   Keep all of that in mind as we try to be Christ’s body together.


Until the Whole World Hears,

Pastor Leon Davis